Monday, June 26, 2006


RV-4 Cowls.

If you are building a -4 you need to know about the available engine cowls. It took me a while to understand this issue so I thought I would document it here. There are (at least) two current variants of cowls. I think it is only the lower section that varies but since you will almost certainly order both parts together that's not an issue. If you are using a standard O-320 engine you need the O-320 cowl. If you are using an IO or O-360 or an IO-320 you will need the O-360 cowl. The reason that the IO-320 needs the -360 cowl is because the injection system together with the air box on the bottom is deeper than the carburated O-320. Its not very different but it's enough to matter. There is not much spare room down there!

This became an issue for me because I was quite interested in putting an injected -320 in my -4. However, the cowls don't look quite the same. When you see them side by side you will see that the -360 cowl is deeper and to my mind just takes the edge of the looks of the -4. It's not a big thing but at least if you know the issue you can make your own mind up.

If you decide on 200hp....I have no idea.

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